Biggest anime shooter game in Europe

  • Tense multiplayer action with thousands of opponents

  • Over 7 million registered players from all over Europe

  • Regular content updates with new maps and much more

In 2050 the powerful regimes of the UN collaborated to create a simulation software that would predict the outcome of wars. The public initially endorsed the Net Sphere project, as it could resolve conflicts without bloodshed. But when hackers subverted the virtual arenas, its credibility plummeted dramatically! A merciless battle began...


  • Dismantle your items!

    We bring you some really cool stuff with this patch: Besides stylish samba clothing, we present to you the brand new item dismantling system with which you are able to build your own items! more
  • Great events for Easter!

    We have again prepared some nice stuff for this years Easter for you! Login and get a daily goodie throughout the weekend or check out the special items in the shop! more
  • Tachyon Iron boots - video contest

    Did you enjoy playing around with the new ‘Tachyon Iron Boots’ in S4 League last week? We sure did. So we created a little event for you to show off your new moves… more
  • Random-Mode Versus tournament

    Tournament time! With the introduction of Random Mode to the game, it’s time to battle it out under new rules! more
  • User Survey

    Your opinion counts! Help us to improve the game by filling out the survey. more


  • Boss fight
  • Teamwork needed!
  • Cool effects for each weapon!
  • Waves of enemies in Conquest mode

S4 League impresses every shooter and anime fan with its unique visuals and action-packed duels. This explosive combination gives every player exactly what they want.

The anime game graphics engine lends this fantastic third person shooter a cool comic look and feel. No matter what game situation you’re experiencing, the breathtaking visuals are always in place. Newcomers to S4 League won’t miss out either with the Neo Tokyo anime style. It’s got fabulous scenes and is great for posing.

But the anime shooter has more than just great graphics to offer. You can individualize your own character with loads of items. Express your personal taste with different weapons, outfits and jewelry. Cute, sexy look or martial fighter – S4 League has got it all.

Have you created a character? Then you can get started! The anime shooter has several game modes. Battle Royal is the right mode for players who want to prove their battle skills, strategy and reflexes. This is a free for all, where everyone will attempt to finish off their enemies. Deathmatch is the next step after Battle Royal. This is where two teams face off against each other.

Feel like a round of American Football in S4 League? Then launch into the Touchdown game mode. Two teams face each other and try to get the ball into the other team’s base. It takes a good strategy and lots of teamwork to score a victory.

What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? It's Chaser time! A player is chosen at random and turned into an almighty demon. He has to defeat all other players. The others have to run and hide from the demon.

S4 League is an online game played by thousands of people around the globe. All shooter and anime fans should make a point of enjoying this great game. The download is of course free of charge.